ICT usage in language classes has significantly increased over the last decade . For this reason, the extended Companion Volume of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR, 2018) with new descriptors also includes the area Online Communication. Meaningfully and effectively using digital technologies in foreign language learning requires a consistent approach to teachers´ development of digital competences.

The European Profile of a Digitally Competent Language Teacher facilitates the understanding of the knowledge, skills and responsibilities a language teacher needs to be able to productively, creatively and responsibly use digital means in language teaching. Improving digital competence may positively influence both the quality of language teaching and learners‘ motivation and their own digital competence.

The European Profile of a Digitally Competent Language Teacher combines the needs of the Digital Competence of Educators, 2017, which is organized into six areas with the new requirements laid out in the CEFR with new descriptors. This profile constitutes the basis for the development of the IDEAL- self-assessment tool for language teachers following a progression model from A1 to C2, available on the platform along with open education resources.

This profile guides you in improving your digital competence for language teaching purposes, continuously. Get digitally inspired with us and innovate how you teach language!