The IDEAL Project will develop a hands-on approach with examples and tools for language teachers on how to establish digital competence in language teaching in their daily practice.
Additionally, an OER platform will provide video tutorials and additional information for language teachers all over Europe.
An innovative character of the project consists in the development of project activities and outputs based on the Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu, 2017) and the updates of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR, 2018)

The project consortium features partner organisations from Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, all of them involved in language teaching activities with adults and who, follow the following objectives:

1) to provide language teachers in adult education with all the skills and competences needed to deliver their high quality work in the digital era

2) to support the professionalisation of language teachers in adult education, in particular with regards to the rapidly changing demands in terms of digital competence for educators

3) to provide open education and innovative practices for language teachers in adult education

O1 – Mapping content for digitally competent language teachers

Mapping content for digitally competent language teachers with the development of an overall report containing information about current situation of language education policy and programmes in the context of digitalisation, the use of digital tools in teaching process, good practices for use of digital technologies to enhance innovate education and training etc. The report will be available in six main European languages (EN, DE, IT, ES, FR, PL)

O2 – European profile of a digitally competent language teacher in adult education in line with DigCompEdu

European profile of a digitally competent language teacher in adult education (in EN, DE, IT, ES, FR, PL) covering the requirements of DigCompEdu as well as CEFR with new descriptors and described in learning outcomes under the headings of knowledge, skills, responsibilities/autonomy. A self-assessment tool will also be part of the profile.

O3 – Open educational resources with good innovative practices

Open educational resources for language teachers available in six main European languages and containing 120 innovative and good practices and video tutorials aimed to facilitate the practical implementation of the digital contents in learning environment.

The desired impact is to raise active participation of language teachers to strive towards becoming more digitally competent and make use of digital pedagogical approaches and methodologies, innovative tools and resources

The project is addressed to language teachers in adult education including those working with migrants, refugees, low-educated, seniors; literacy teachers for migrants; volunteers engaged in language teaching; adult and language education providers; language course planners/ teacher trainers; key stakeholders and decision-makers for language learning and digital education.

More than 210 language teachers will directly participate in the project by self-assessing their competences, describing their needs and best practice and/or getting trained and at least 6000 people working in language teaching or being stakeholders will be informed about the project.

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