As part of the Development of the IDEAL project, the first output seeks to examine the context of using ICT and OER as well as the level of digital competences among language teachers in the following countries Germany, Ireland, Italy, France ,Poland and Spain. This will try to explore the current situation of language policy and programmes in the context of digitalisation, to what extent the digital tools and methods are currently embedded in language teaching process and to what extent current education training programmes and in-service training programmes foster digital competences of language teachers. Through this research, the good practices for the use of digital technologies to enhance innovative education and training will be collected in order to adapt them for a language teaching context.

To achieve the above goals a number of activities were performed in the individual partner countries:

1. Distribution and analysis of results from a SELF-ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE related to DigCompEdu, which served to indicate the current level of digital competences of language teachers in partner countries.

2. Provision of FOCUS GROUPS with an aim of analysing the results of the DigCompEdu self- assessment questionnaire, to identify the needs of language teachers in the context of digitalisation and the changes related to the new descriptors implemented in CEFR as well as the collection of existing ideas, concept and good practices for the integration of digital tools in language teaching.

3. The provision of EXPERT GROUPS to collect additional feedback on the results of questionnaires, to identify current findings on the use of digital tool in language teaching as well as to provide recommendations on the pedagogical aspects of digital tools which are used in the process of language teaching. The experts groups consisted of 3 experts representing the field of digitalisation and / or CEFR.

4. Desktop research on the current situation of language education policy and programmes, to what extent digital tools, methods are currently embedded in the teaching process, to what extent the education training programmes and in-service training programmes for language