The first IDEAL project output is now available! This is a research report, entitled “Desktop research and needs analysis on the mapping of content for digitally competent language teachers Within the framework of the project Integrating Digital Education in Adult Language Teaching (IDEAL)”

This publication aims to analyse, in-depth, the current level of digital competences among language teachers and to find the means to support language teachers with relevant digital competences for professional purposes as well as how to empower said language teachers in using new digital tools in their teaching practice.

This report

  • Provides a context to the research
  • Outlines the main phases and activities of the research
  • Outlines the digital competences of the language teachers
  • Reports upon the current situation of language education policy and programmes in the context of digitalisation
  • Outlines a ‘state of the art’ regarding the use of digital tools, methods in language teaching and good practices for use of digital technologies
  • Provides a series of conclusions and recommendations around same

Where can I find it?

The O1 report can be accessed on the front page of this website, under the “mapping content” item