The kick-off meeting for the Ideal project took place in Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham on 06.02.2020/ 07.02.2020

Partners from Germany, France, Poland, Spain and Italy reviewed the project idea, main phases and activities and offered some evaluator feedback on the project and how the partnership could support or meet the project aims and objectives.

It was agreed that the project objectives – to provide language teachers in adult education with all the skills and competences needed to deliver their high quality work in the digital era, to support the professionalisation of language teachers in adult education, in particular with regards to the rapidly changing demands in terms of digital competence for educators and to provide open education and innovative practices for language teachers in adult education – should form the basis of the key project activities

Key Outputs

Key discussion elements also incuded in-depth discussions of Output 1 – mapping content for digitally competent language teachers – was discussed in depth, as was output 2, the development of European Profile of a digitally competent language teacher in adult education, along with a range of additional project elements including the dissemination strategy of the project.